About OKCupid Mail Tools

These are very old tools, built with an earlier version of OKCupid. They have not been maintained.

We have a couple java tools that let you manage your mail from the OK Cupid social networking / dating site. Neither these tools nor I are in any way associated with OKCupid or Humor Rainbow, Inc. These programs are provided free of charge by myself, and you should not contact OKCupid with problems you experience while using them. There is no warranty provided with these programs; either could destroy your phone, computer, or worse, lose all of your messages. Repeat: THERE IS NO WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED.

FetchOK — Retrieve OKCupid mail for use in normal e-mail clients supporting mbox.

mKay — Check and respond to mail from compatible mobile phones and other devices.

OKCupid WAP WML portal — Web-based (WAP) portal for checking OKCupid on your WAP phone.