See also mKay for using mobile clients.

These are very old tools, built with an earlier version of OKCupid. They have not been maintained.

About FetchOK

FetchOK is a Java program that you can run similarly to Fetchmail, but instead of POP, it works with the OK Cupid social networking / dating site. Even better, instead of ESR, you get to deal with me. Neither it nor I are in any way associated with OKCupid or Humor Rainbow, Inc. This program is provided free of charge by myself, and you should not contact OKCupid with problems you experience while using it. There is no warranty provided with this program; it could destroy your phone, or worse, lose all of your messages. Repeat: THERE IS NO WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED.

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You can run the program by typing java -jar FetchOK.jar Native versions have also been included for certain platforms (although no guarantees are made that these work). There are also build scripts in the src tarball that should make rebuilding very easy.

Run the program without any arguments to see what arguments it accepts. It outputs to an mbox format.

What is the '-d' domain option?

Running with -ddomain will append domain to the OKCupid user names. This is supported to facilitate replying to messages from your mail client. See the section on sending mail, below.

How do I send mail?

There are two main methods of sending mail using FetchOK. The simplest is by invoking the program from the command prompt with the -ttarget syntax. This will send the message to target which you supply via standard input (typing). You may also supply a subject with -s.

The easiest means, but slightly more complex, allows you to reply to messages from inside your mail client. This makes use of the -d switch (see above). You can configure your own relay server (for an example, see in the download directory, which can be invoked by procmail), or use

To send mail using the relay, you must configure your mail client to send mail with the "From" field such that it includes your OKCupid username and to include the header OKAuth: password. You should invoke FetchOK with when retrieving mail.

PLEASE NOTE that we do not guarantee that your message will be successfully delivered, and you will not be notified in case of error. Your message should show-up in your sent mail on OKCupid if the message is sent sucessfully. You will be sending your log-in credentials to us, a third party, so that we can send the message in your name. We have made all of our code available so that you can set this up on your own and not use us; we are merely providing a service for those who don't want to go through the trouble. If you only use FetchOK to retrieve mail, no data is sent to us.

Frankly, I'd rather you not use the service as it'd simply be easier for me. If you have any questions setting anything up, feel free to ask.


The program itself, and as of this writing, the OKCupid service, are both free, although connectivity charges may be charged to you by your telecom provider or other Internet service provider. You are obviously responsible for these fees. See the license below.

Availability / Releases

You can browse all releases.


It is important to know and understand your rights when using this software. Keep in mind that THERE IS NO WARRANTY.

The license, based on Poul-Henning Kamp's "THE BEER-WARE LICENSE" (Revision 42), reads as follows:

"THE WHISKEY-WARE LICENSE": <> wrote this file. As long as you retain this notice you can do whatever you want with this stuff. If we meet some day, and you think this stuff is worth it, you can buy me whiskey in return. --Matthew Wronka.

I like single-malt Scotch. If you meet somebody on OKCupid while using my software, I'd appreciate a bottle of 18 year MacAllan. If you stop by Scotland on your honeymoon, feel free to send me something that isn't usually available over-seas.

I found a bug!

Liar! Please let me know.

Please provide some information about your set-up to let me have an idea of what's going on. Also let me know which version of the program you're running (including if you're running one of the jar files, or a native-binary).

Known bugs: HTML to Text conversion isn't that hot. In version 0.1.1 there's also a bug that can cause an infinite loop.

Feature Requests

You may feel-free to send feature requests.

Note, however, that this program was originally written because the main logic of the code had been written for another project already, so any additional features will require significantly more time and effort.