See also FetchOK for using normal e-mail clients.

These are very old tools, built with an earlier version of OKCupid. They have not been maintained.

About mKay

mKay is a Java program that you can run from your mobile phone to check and respond to messages on the OK Cupid social networking / dating site. It will list your most recently received messages, allow you to view these messages and to respond to them. Neither it nor I are in any way associated with OKCupid or Humor Rainbow, Inc. This program is provided free of charge by myself, and you should not contact OKCupid with problems you experience while using it. There is no warranty provided with this program; it could destroy your phone, or worse, lose all of your messages. Repeat: THERE IS NO WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED.

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Does it work?

There is NO WARRANTY, express or implied. You use this program at your own risk. I am not responsible if you drunk-message other OKCupidders.

With that said, the following phones have been confirmed as compatible:

If your phone is not listed, it may still be compatible. Please let me know.

You will also need a data connection. Some data services are only available through a WAP gateway, which won't work--you'll need actual TCP/IP.


Feel free to skip this:

For there to be a chance to work, your phone must support MIDP 2.0 and the J2ME Socket API. I needed to use the socket API because the OK Cupid Web Server doesn't speak valid HTTP because it omits the response phrase, and I have not been able to work around this using the J2ME HttpConnection class, which violates the principle of Strict in what you send, lenient in what you accept. Moreover, there's a problem with the Java (J2ME) security model which won't let me connect directly to OK Cupid. See the section on privacy for more. Judging from the emulator, somewhere around 860KB is the absolute minimum heap size needed. I suggest 940KB-1MB.


There are problems with both the J2ME security model and the OKWS (OK Cupid's web server) which make a direct connection impossible at the moment. Because of this, the program uses a proxy to connect to OKCupid (if enough people ask, I'll make choosing this configurable). OK Cupid itself is unencrypted which means that anything you do on it, from loggin-in to sending mail, is visible to anybody who looks on the Internet, so it isn't really private to begin with. Despite this, I won't be reading your mail, recording your passwords, or any of that because I just don't care.


The program itself, and as of this writing, the OKCupid service, are both free, although connectivity charges may be charged to you by your telecom provider or other Internet service provider. You are obviously responsible for these fees. See the license below.

Availability / Releases

You can get the latest mKay jad (jar), or view previous releases.


It is important to know and understand your rights when using this software. Keep in mind that THERE IS NO WARRANTY.

The license, based on Poul-Henning Kamp's "THE BEER-WARE LICENSE" (Revision 42), reads as follows:

"THE WHISKEY-WARE LICENSE": <> wrote this file. As long as you retain this notice you can do whatever you want with this stuff. If we meet some day, and you think this stuff is worth it, you can buy me whiskey in return. --Matthew Wronka.

I like single-malt Scotch. If you meet somebody on OKCupid while using my software, I'd appreciate a bottle of 18 year MacAllan. If you stop by Scotland on your honeymoon, feel free to send me something that isn't usually available over-seas.

I found a bug!

Liar! Please let me know.

Please mention what model phone/device you're using. (Knowing your means of connection, such as ISP/mobile operator and data plan might be useful in some cases, but need not be included).

Feature Requests

You may feel-free to send feature requests.

Note, however, that this program was originally written because the main logic of the code had been written for another project already, so any additional features will require significantly more time and effort.

Composing new messages to arbitrary OKCupidders was intentionally dropped because of the limtted interface (to protect youme from yourmyself by typing in incorrect user ids). Re├Ądding this would be rather simple if enough people wanted it.

A similar project I wrote was a fetchmail-like program or some OKCupid-to-email gateway. See also FetchOK for using normal e-mail clients.